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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 8, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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president, hundreds of visitors have come to his indonesian home. the owner was proud to show us his photos and let me sign the guest book. i guess we're not the first. many people before us. thank you. well, the president's scheduled to arrive in jakarta tomorrow. don't know if he will visit his childhood home. >> what was the term that suzanne used. >> she described it is a shotgun house, where you open up the door and you can basically shoot a shotgun and it will go all of the way to the back of the house. >> see, you learn something every day in the newsroom. good morning, everyone, live from studio 7 and cnn worgd headquarters, the nuts and information you need for monday, november 8th. the president is india focusing on jobs for out of work americans and focusing on the new sanctions on iraq.
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>> we make it clear that even as every nation has the right to peaceful nuclear energy, every nation must also need international obligations opinion. stranded qantas passengers hope to fly out of los angeles today. she is a sucker for a man in uniform. a uso volunteer always at the airport with hugs for america's war heroes. i'm tony harris. those stories and your comments right here in the cnn newsroom. a story happening now, a news conference by the naacp live this hour from douglasville, georgia. the organization will discuss the beating death of 18-year-old bobby tillman this week. four georgia teenagers were in court last week to face murder charges, and one of them boasted
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he'd beat the next person that walked in the door. it happened in a party in atlanta, 57 people -- 57 -- stood by and did nothing. >> one fellow fell on the ground. another fellow kicked him but there was a whole lot of kids around them. >> the sheriff says no drugs or alcohol were involved. we will bring you more on the horrific case when douglas county sheriff joe miller joins me next hour. today, a jury in connecticut picks up with the penalty phase in a horrific murder trial. jurors deliberated over the weekend trying to decide whether steven hayes should get the death penalty or life in prison. the same jury found him guilty in the case. sunny hostin from "in session seas "on our sister network is in new haven. it's chilly there. we won't keep you long. we want to get an update on the
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trial and the jury deliberations now. how long what the jury been out deliberating? >> the jury has been out deliberating almost 17 hours, tony. yesterday they stopped around 4:15. they indicated they had enough and wanted to come back for day four. it's been four days and almost 17 hours. >> sunny, can you give us an indication as to why this is taking so long and are you surprised it's taking this long? >> i am not surprised it's taking this long. i think a lot of people thought this evidence was so overwhelming, and the crime so heinous and skbrul depraved that there was no question that stephen hayes would get the death penalty but there are six capital counts that this jury has to discuss and talk about. so, of course, i'm not surprised that it is taking this long. it's windy out here but hot in the courtroom.
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these jurors today look spent. they look tired. they're exhausted. there are no smiles in the courtroom today. >> you are about to get tossed around out there. sunny hostin for us in new haven, krk krk. she was snatched from her bedroom in the middle of the night. eight years later, elizabeth smart is set to face her accused kidnapper in court. the trial of brian david mitchell resumes today. smart is scheduled to testify in detail this week about her ordeal during nine months of captivity. australia's qantas airline says it will be at least thursday but it puts ace a380 air buses back in service. >> oil leaks have been discovered in the turbine area of three engines. we have been removed these engines from the aircraft for further testing.
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we are now planning that the a380 fleet will remain out of service for at least the next 72 hours. >> the last of the stranded passengers will leave los angeles today for australia. a yale study finds that fast food restaurants are aggressively advertising poor quality foods for preschoolers. only 12 of 3,000 possible kids meals, those combination meals, meet nutritional guidelines for preschoolers. we are on line, just like you, and here are some interesting stories we like -- recognize this voice? ♪ fall in love >> so, if you haven't already guessed it, that's the latest track from michael jackson. yeah. it's called "breaking news."
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the thing is a lot of people aren't trying to hear that or aren't buying it. they say there's something a little off about it. we'll let you decide. standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's largest democracy, president obama pushes for closer u.s. ties with india. details and a live report from new delhi. [ male announcer ] welcome to that one time of year when we all become doers. when our mittens double as work gloves. and we turn every room into a project. but this year, let's trim the budget. get some help from martha stewart that we can't get anywhere else. and spread our money as far as our cheer. ♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of bright spirits. trade any light string for 3 bucks off a new led set.
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let's get a quick market check here. markets have been open for just a little past 90 minutes. how is the day progressing so far? we are down in negative territory. we are down 68 points. roger, you just mentioned that the nasdaq is down, what, 6? down 6. here's what we're going to do for you. we will keep you posted on those numbers throughout the day. retailers ramping up hiring for the holiday season. the cnn money team has top tips for you that you need to get one of those jobs. old... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus.
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the u.s. standing shoulder to shoulder with yand. that's the vision outlined by president obama today in a speech to indias a parliament. cnn's dan loathian is traveling with the president in new delhi. good to see you. any take d aways so far? >> reporter: you heard the president announce that the u.s. was endorsing yand to have a permanent seat on the u.n. security council. that was fully expected and what yand really wanted at that.
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gives them a standing in the world community and gives them the opportunity to be involved in major decision makings on the world stage and this is obviously a country that the united states is look future, a place where you can expand trade and ultimately create jobs back home. that's the second part of what president was talking about today, this partnership, growing partnership with india. they announced deals, including the ten d-17 military aircraft that yand will be buying. >> dan, i understand there were some tense moments getting into a meeting. a lot of folks watching probably say, good, but maybe could you tell us what happened. >> reporter: that's right. well, first of all, it was for the president's press conference between the president and the
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prime minister. it took me a while to get in because i had to go through about six different checkpoints to get in there, but for one of the bilateral meetings, the press pool following the president into the meeting were being kept out by security and there was pushing and pulling and white house spokesman robert gibbs had to put his foot in the door and threat ton pull the president if the u.s. reporters went allowed in. >> oh, boy, a scrum in new delhi. >> reporter: that's right. >> the gaggle takes on new meaning. a twinkle the christmas optimism. one study says the holiday season will be the best since 2007. christine romans all over the story. tell us who is hiring, first of all. >> reporter: well, retailers like just about everyone you can think of at the mall expected to
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add about 600,000. s that up from last year, way up from 2008. look at it, tony. remember 2008 and 2009, the retailers weren't sure that the retail outlook would be good. think beyond the mall, though. charles purdy is the ceo at monster hot jobs, and he is talking about temp agencies who need to find people to cover for employees on holiday vacations. he recommends looking into catering companies, restaurants, delivering companies. ups is hiring. they get busy this time of year. you may have to work black friday and christmas eve. so don't any i would like a temporary job but i don't want to work on black friday. >> that's not the approach. if you are out there looking, how can you snag one of these holiday gigs? >> first of all, look right now. even if you don't have experience in retail or customer
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service, you need to tweak your resumé, and highlight your ability to deal with people or stressful situations. hit the mall with a stack of resumés in your hand. here's the key, tony. again and again, the employment experts tell me you must apply in person. it's often the person that's standing right in front of you, the hiring manager is the one who gets that job. they're looking right now. you walk in with a resumé and say customer service is key for me. this is how i have done it before. boom right there you might be hired. >> let's do this. let's have you right back after the break here. >> i have more. >> tell us how to make some of those temporary jobs permanent. let's do this. let's take a quick break.
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christine, before the break, we promised folks that you would tell all of us how to make that seasonal job permanent. at least give us the best shot at doing this. where do we start? >> do the best job you can every single day. don't burn any bridges because according to a recent career builder survey, 40% of those hiring seasonal workers will likely transition some of those people into full time work. were you want that. if you want to parlay it into a full time position, charles byrdy says you need to show you're serious about the job from the beginning. you are reliable, willing to work overtime. the holidays are busy. you have to stand out that you are willing to go above and beyond. if you work in a high stress environment, you have to keep your cool, keep customers happy. that will make you a valuable employee. if you don't land a full time
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job immediately after the holidays, don't lose touch with the manager or hr director and that you are available to come back for special events in the future and interested in another position. you never know had that work will become available down the road, tony. do not burn bridges. this is something else. minute you get the temporary job, and, listen, if this working out for you and me, i would love to be considered for a full time position down the road. make it clear from the get-go you are ready to stick around. >> wow, a perfect segue to your new book. you are selling copies of your new book. >> i'm selling a few. what chapter are you on, tell me? >> i have a strange living situation, i just got the book that you sent me in the mail like three days ago. so i'm just getting started. it's a strange story that i'll share with you. >> you can tell me later offline.
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>> let's get you caught up on top stories now. more attacks on iran pilgrims in iraq. at least ten people were killed by a car bomb at one of the main entrances to karbala. irans reportedly cross the border every day to visit shiite shrines in. in georgia, four teen. ers are, cuesed of murder. dozens stood by and watched. we will hear directly from the douglas county sheriff next hour. amanda knox is facing another trial in italy. this one for slandering italian police. americans aren't getting nearly enough sleep. we've heard it time and time again but we didn't realize it was quite this bad. a new study finds -- this is where you come in -- 40% of americans admit they have fallen asleep during, ready, a, sex, b,
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driving, or, e, work. the answer in 75 seconds. don't go to sleep!
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so, the question we asked you before the break was what activity do 40% of americans admit they have fallen asleep on? a is sex. have you fallen asleep during sex? you can tell me. b, driving, or, c, work. the answer is, wait for it, wait for it. yeah, driving. 40% of americans tell aaa they have fallen asleep behind the wheel at some point. here we go, tweets, posts,
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videos, we're on line looking for the best of the best. derrick dodge with a look at what's trending right now. here's the thing, derrick. i want to know what's trending, the hottest, lift toppers. so if we're going to do this and make it work and we are, right? >> we are. >> i need the hottest of at the moment it's happening. can you do that? >> right now, conan returns. >> we love this story. he's our guy now. >> he's our guy. show starts tonight 11 p.m. >> after george lopez. >> right. i thought this was interesting. he tweeted last night. when the fail well goes down on twitter. the artist who created it created a conan version, a conan fail whale in honor of conan o'brien.
11:22 am
>> pretty cool. >> this is the most shared story on facebook. it has to do with the pope. the pope is in spain consecrating a holiday and speaking out against the spanish laws for gay marriage and supporting abortions, and that sort of thing. a whole bunch of people, about 200 or so lined up to stage a gay dis-in along the pope's route. you see the pope-mobile. tens of thousands of people showed up to support the pope and about 200 or so gay activists showed up to protest. >> that's one of the hot stories trending on facebook? >> the most shared story on facebook. >> terrific. that's a hot start. are you with me again next hour? >> i think i am. >> derrick dodge, appreciate it. the day's best videos coming up next. a trick play of epic proportions.
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a quarterback walks past the defensive line to score. back in a minute.
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i don't know about where you live, but, if you live in the south, if you live, in, say, atlanta, chilly start to the morning. but look at the numbers behind you there. >> my son is 5. today, he wakes up, and goes,
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daddy is it winter. i said, no, it's fall. fall is not supposed to be this cold. i say, okay, mr. weatherman to be. jackson, 27. victoria, texas, 35. the folks in miami -- sometimes the superintendents don't even turn on the heat before christmas in miami. 53 the morning low temperature, tying a report set 103 years ago. it's warmed up. the sun is out. 59 degrees in atlanta, 65 in tampa. from the sunshine, that feels pretty good. there is a cold air mass, though, wrapping around that low and that low is right there. you can feel it, new york city? did you see it in the air, new york city? we even had a little snow flurry active at jfk. we are seeing snow upstate through the catskills and adirondacks.
11:27 am
that spink a rain/snow mix, and that's all snow out east towards albany and even the poconos picking up a flurry. tonight, we are not seeing anything during the day but what happens at night when the sunsets, the temperatures can go down and if it is still precipitating, it can freeze on some of the bridges. this is the first time we have to worry about it. i haven't had to say, watch out for those bridges for about nine months, and wet leaves can be slick, two. if you are coming up to a stop sign and you are on wet leaves, the car will slide. so slow down. >> i don't know if i have worked out the choreography on this. >> are we dancing. >> you can two step? >> c'mon now, dancing with chad. we have video that we want to role in here, some of the best video over the weekend. look at this. i have some notes here.
11:28 am
this guy flying in a new wark right? a swiss adventurer turned dare devil. his name is eve rossi. he is the first person to fly in the air with a jet propelled wing. >> that was amazing. his speed right across the camera was intense. >> do you want to see this? this a play we ran during kyra's show. middle schoolers. take a look at this. lined up to execute an offensive play. watch this. the quarterback takes the snap, walks through the line and takes off. honestly it is what you saw. that did just happen. the quarterback takes the snap, literally walks across the line. the defense is stunned. what do i do? was there a real snap here? do i knock his block off? what do i do? so they don't do anything.
11:29 am
here it is one more time. >> i went to nebraska, and we had the fumble-rooski, but that is better than the fum dell bsh rooskie. that is good stuff. >> stuff from the weekend we wanted to shair with you. edison pena, the chilean miner who has taken new york city by storm. >> literally. >> we have him finishing up the new york city marathon. >> he was running down in the mine. >> he was to stay in shape. let's take a break. [ woman ] you know, as a mom, i worry about my son playing football. which is why i'm really excited. because toyota developed this software that can simulate head injuries and helps make people safer.
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then they shared this technology with researchers at wake forest to help reduce head injuries on the football field. so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world? learn how to share your ideas at
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this just in. we're learning there's a decision, a verdict, in connecticut. in the penalty phase of the horrific murder trial. jurors deliberated through the weekend trying to decide whether stephen hayes should get the death penalty or life in prison we. we understand the jury has made a decision, and now there is a period of time when everyone has to be brought into the courtroom. the judge has to bring everybody back, and the jury will come back. the same jury convicted hayes of killing a mother and her two daughters in a brutal home invasion in 2007. we're going to try to raise our sunny hostin as soon as we get information about what that decision is. again, the connecticut jury is back with the decision in the penalty phase here, trying to decide life or death for stephen hayes. more on that as soon as we get it. the timing of a new book is raising eyebrows about the
11:32 am
presidential race. paul steinhauser joining us live from the political desk in washington. what's crossing now? >> let's talk about that. a book co-authored by newt gingrich. he is somebody we're thinking may want to run for the next republican presidential nomination. the book is called "valley forge" sounds like an ode to the tea party movement. the brand new book out today, and we're looking at where the former house speaker will be on the book tour. three stops next week, in iowa on the book tour. iowa, very, very important on the road to the white house. the caucuses there start the primary season. we want to show you this, talking about 2012, but not the battle for the white house, the battle for the senate. the tea party suppress has a warning to republican senators. ten are up in 2012. ten are up, and the tea party
11:33 am
express are telling those they consider too moderate, watch out. the tea party express was instrumental in knocking out senator bennet of utah, and other senators. they are keeping their eyes on them and if they are not conservative enough, watch out. tea party express influential in the primary process. let's move back to 2010. the election hasn't been over a week but there are still some races unresolved. let's start in connecticut where on friday, cnn projected that the democrat up there, democrat in the gubernatorial contest, dan malloy, the mayor of stamford, projected him the winner but the republican has not conceded. tom foley has an announcement in an hour or two. we'll see if he concedes. another contest, this could go a
11:34 am
while. minnesota, where they are going to a recount, most likely. that would start next week and go into december. and finally, alaska, that three-way wild senate race. they don't even count the write-in votes until wednesday, and wednesday's going to be very important because the write-in votes, senator lisa "why did i get married, too?" could you ski is running as a write-in candidate. we are here for you until every election is over. i promise you that. >> love it. paul, appreciate it. your next political update in an hour. once again, we have a decision by the jury in connecticut. stephen hayes' fate is being decided by that jury. we're in the penalty phase right now and we understand that the jury will be back soon, certainly has reached a decision as to life or death for stephen hayes. we'll be back in a moment with more information on this breaking news story.
11:35 am
11:36 am
once again, we want to give you a quick update on what we're learning out of connecticut. the jury decided life or death for stephen hayes has reached a decision. hayes, as you know, was found guilty by the same jury of murdering a mother and her two daughters brutally, horrifically in 2007. we understand from our sister network, trutv insession has been sentenced to die, sentenced to death for this 2007 brutal home insbrag murder. let's lift ton "in session" on
11:37 am
our sister network. >> the hawke family, the pettitte family said they just wanted justice to be done, god's will to be done and obviously the will of the people of connecticut in this case is that stephen hayes be given the death penalty. i am not surprised but this was a thoughtful and insightful jury. they took a long time to come to this very hard decision. we know now he has been given the death penalty on one of the six capital felony counts but i would imagine we will hear the same thing for all of the rest. the count that he has been given the death penalty on is the fourth count, which is two or more murders, all three murders. so given that fact, my sense is that he will be given the death penalty for each and every capital count here. >> mike brooks, what do you think? do you think it will be the same
11:38 am
thing? >> absolutely. i agree with sunny. if there was ever a case where the death penalty case should be given it is this case. i think the state of connecticut also, because they were going to abolish the death penalty in the state. >> this changed a lot of minds. >> it really did. should this come up for vote again, people will remember this trial. could there be a case like this again? we hope never but it could happen and the citizens most likely will vote the death penalty down but they kept it in place for these two perpetrators. >> you say perpetrators. the other trial comes up next year on this, and stephen hayes' defense attorneys really tried to paint him as a human being, as a follower, saying joshua comb march sar yes ski was the leader, he have the one that was brutal, the one that was
11:39 am
malevolent and trying to make the case that stephen hayes was just basically following his orders. so you wonder, mike and let me ask you. we have a criminal defense attorney here with us now. what do you think this case might mean to komarsarjefsky's case. we heard death for stephen hayes. >> if i were the other co-defendant's council, i would be on the phone with client's approval, can we get a guilty plea and get life sentences without parole because the state has proven they can get a convict for the homicides -- >> our sister network trutv covering the decision by the jury in connecticut, death for stephen hayes. as you recall, stephen hayes was found guilty a month ago of 16 of the 17 charges he faced
11:40 am
against him, nine counts of capital murder and four counts of kidnapping for killing jennifer hawke-petit, 48 years old, and her daughters, 17 yearly hayley pettitte and 11 yearly michaela pettitte. they died in that attack in the host horrific way imaginable. stephen hayes sentenced to death. let's take a break. you're in the cnn newsroom. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ♪ with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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this man doesn't even need an introduction. what's all that? the big play? we branded the segment. max, we have a title for the segment. "the big play." how about that? >> i love it. a branded segment. tremendous. >> max kellerman from hbo sports joining us. i have to resist my desire to take a big, hard, hate-filled shot at the cowboys for losing but let's focus on the winners from the weekend. in your mind, is zenyatta a winner even though the miracle mare didn't win in her final start? >> yeah. i mean, it's funny because the press creates a narrative and people get emotional attachments to athletes, in this case, horse, so almost what happens,
11:44 am
they wind up a winner. blame was the better horse, won the race, should be the horts of the year, but zenyatta, the entire narrative was so dramatic as she continually fell behind and closed first. this time she couldn't quite come back and she is the horse that the history will record. >> narratives or athletes or in this case, horse, you do believe that a horse is an athlete, don't you, max kellerman? >> i don't know. i think of this sometimes. there must be a cheetah somewhere running in the plains who is faster than the hor? why isn't the cheetah an athlete? you talk to horse experts, and i did today, and they'll tell you that some horses have an eye for the finish line and they know where it is and have a competitive instinct that kicks in. zenyatta was one of those
11:45 am
horses. knew where the finish line was and charged hard for it. edison pena seemed to take new york by storm. you're there. what was that experience like? did he, in fact, take the city by storm? first letterman singing and dancing and finishing the marathon. >> no doubt about it. this guy charmed the country from norm city. getting up and singing elvis, and then the marathon and what's so interesting to me is how something that should be considered physical torture is something that someone aspires to. it's all mind games. he's trapped in this mine, running, preparing for a marathon, essentially and finally gets out of this mine, torturous conditions and decides to run 26 miles. to me that would be physical torture, maybe worse than being trapped in a mind. >> i'm running to every fast food restaurant i can find. this is just an appreciation
11:46 am
here, max, of the great roger federer. i love this guy. he won his 65th professional tournament yesterday in his home city right there in switzerland, basel, switzerland, one ahead of the great pete sampras now nor career wins. what do you think of this guy who continues to beat the kids? a couple of bumps in the road. at an age and support where staring at 30 is like watching and waiting for your aarp card in the mailbox, right? >> other than gymnasticics, i can't think of a popular sport -- youl that tennis is not as popular as it once was, where athletes are considered old at such an early age. these three ahead of sampras in grand slams, and the only difference may be with sampras is that his chief advertise sear
11:47 am
agassi didn't real mature or come into his own until late in his career, so he put enough distance between his joe frazier to muhammad ali, where federer has nadan, only a couple of years younger and nadal is starting to make a case for himself. it is interesting how it plays out and who is the great ef the this era. >> that guy federer is all class all of the time. you're not bad yourself there, max kellerman. see you later in the week. >> likewise. still to come, some returning veterans get parades. one woman thinks they deserve something more personal. >> i'm a sucker for a man in uniform and i hug them. >> we take to you one of the world's busiest airports to meet the hug lady. [ female announcer ] in the grip of arthritis, back, or back joint pain?
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aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme.
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veterans day is thrs, and if you're flying into atlanta in uniform any day of the year, be warned, you're going to get a hug. our photojournalist william walker takes us to meet the hug
11:52 am
lady. >> welcome home. my name is betty rose bowers. i'm at the atlanta airport. we welcome the troops as they are coming in for their two weeks of r & r. they're coming in from afghanistan, kuwait, iraq. i've been told that i've been affectionately been called the hug lady. i'm a sucker for a man in uniform, and i hug them because i want them all to know that they're appreciated. seeing a serviceperson see his child, his baby being for the first time, probably just a matter of weeks old, little baby, and he got to see her for the first time, that doesn't bring tears to your eyes, then you're pretty heartless. that's worth all the pictures in the world, isn't it? having that father see his baby, that was great.
11:53 am
it's unbelievable the feeling that it gives you, or seeing a little girl see their mother or dad country and just run, i mean, just run into their arms. >> i'm waiting on my son. he's coming home from kabul. >> welcome home. love you, love you. >> parents seeing their sons or daughters they haven't seen for several months. i can't tell you how many times i have shed tears. >> thank you, thank you. >> good tears. happy tears. >> i'm happy he's here in one piece and safe and sound. >> i have a grandson who's in the army. i can't help but want to put my arms around these young people and i want them to know that they're cared about and that we're proud of them. and what they're doing, they're putting their lives out for us. you're wellicoming them home. they deserve a hug.
11:54 am
>> got to tell you we will have more of these stories all week in the "cnn newsroom owe". tune in saturday 3:00 p.m. eastern for a one-hour special. you can also visit cnn we are getting ready to speak to sheriff miller. he is investigating the beating death of a teenager while dozens of people allegedly stood by and did nothing. also next hour, a family of four missing nearly a week in the pacific found alive. you'll want to hear that story, next in the "cnn newsroom." woman: you! oh, don't act like you don't recognize me! toledo, '03? gecko: no, it's...i... woman: it's o late stanley. gecko: actually, miss, my name's not stanley. woman: oh...oh, i am so sorry! from behind you look just like him. i'm just.... gecko: well...i'd hate to be stanley. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. death for steven hayes, it is the sentence handed down moments ago in a horrific murder trial in connecticut, the same
11:57 am
jury convicted hayes of killing a mother and her two daughters in a brutal home invasion in 2007. sunny hostin from "in session" on our sister network trutv is in new haven. s sunny, first of all, my understanding is, correct me if i'm wrong, this needed to be a unanimous decision by this jury, correct? >> reporter: that is right. it had to be unanimous not only on each and every of the six counts, tontony, but unanimous every single step they had to go through. they had to go through looking at four different steps. so this jury really came together in the i suppose 18 hours that they were deliberating on these verdicts. >> well, sunny, i think we talked about this earlier, and i asked the question, were you surprised that it took that many hors hours to come to this verdict when you consider the evidence in this case? you weren't surprised. tell us why. >> reporter: no, i was not
11:58 am
surprised because the supreme court always says, tony, death is different. it's the ultimate punishment. because of that, there are all these statutory safe guards in place before a jury determines that someone should be put to death. a lot of work to do here. they had to look at nonstatutory mitigating factors. they had to look at this crime all over again, decide whether or not it was haeinous on each count. often we hear about the death penalty case and they're only reviewing one or two counts. this jury was reviewing six capital counts. really a lot of work to do. >> sunny, looking forward here, there is one other trial still to come, correct? >> reporter: that is correct. that is the trial of joshua comb
11:59 am
sar je komisarjevsky. the prosecution's theory is he was the ring leader, the more evil of the two. so, given that steve hayes, who was allegedly the follower here, has been found guilty of all of these crimes and given death, it does not bode well for that case and that defendant and that defense. >> okay. sunny hostin, boy, sorry, we can barely hear you. one of the suggestions as we were with listening to our colleagues over at trutv was that if you are that next defendant, maybe the thing you do after this decision by this jury is to call the prosecutors and try to strike a deal as quickly as possible. we'll see how that plays out. top of the hour, hello, again, everyone. i'm tony harris in the "cnn newsroom" where anything can happen. here are some of the people behind today's top stories. beating death at a teenager's party. >> this little 5'6", 125-pound 18-year-old kid, they beat him
12:00 pm
down on the ground and stomped him and killed him. >> unbelievable. the young victim chosen randomly. dozens of people saw it. we are digging deeper on why it happened with the man investigating the crime. lost at sea, a family's ordeal on the open ocean. how were they found? we have details on the rescue. you're online. we are, too. we're following what's trending. queen elizabeth royal entrance onto facebook is adding hopes to adding royalty to your friends list. let's get started with our lead story. outrageous act of violence apparently random and unprovoked, costing one young man his lost. four georgia teenagers in court a couple of hours ago now. we have mug shots of three of them. they're accused of beating, kicking and stomping another teen to death. it happened this weekend at a party in suburban atlanta. one of the suspects reportedly boasted he beat up the next guy who walked in the door. police say dozens of people saw
12:01 pm
what was going on but did nothing to help the young man. >> one fellow fell on the ground. another fellow kicked him. but there was a whole lot of kids around him. >> i just thought he was hurt. i never thought his life was ending. >> the victim is 18-year-old bobby tillman of douglasville, georgia. he a slight build and was no match for his alleged attackers. he weighed just 124 pounds. >> he loved basketball. he loved helping people. he loved being fair and he loved life. bobby was very funny. he was very outgoing, very personable, very caring. just a good person. he was. bobby was an angel here on earth, but his main was he loved basketball. >> obviously you had a very strong reaction when you saw those people in court. tell us what was going through
12:02 pm
your mind. >> you know, i just felt that i didn't need to see that. my focus is my son. i'll let the d.a. handle them. i don't need to see them. >> phil miller is the sheriff of douglas county, georgia. sheriff, thank you for joining us. now, i've got to tell you i just read some of what we know about this case, and i'm still not quite believing it. so i'm going to ask you if you wouldn't mind to walk us through the events and the circumstances of this attack as know them to be at this time. >> well, there was a party saturday night, and the party was supposed to be a fairly small party. but e-mails were sent out and people talked on facebook and before long there were 60 to 80 people at that party. the parents realized things were getting out of hand and they told the people to leave. and as some of the people were leaving, some girls got into a fight.
12:03 pm
one of the girl s hit a guy and guy said, i'm not going to hit a girl back, but the next guy that comes by i'm going to beat down. and unfortunately it was the little tillman boy, weighed 125 pounds, 5'6", had braces, super kid. he walks into the path of these guys, and they beat him to the ground and stomp him and he died as a result of it. >> can you describe the scene for us when your officers arrived. what did they see? what did they find? what kind of shape was the young man in? >> well, he was still breathing as we were waiting on the ambulance to arrive. his breaths got shorter and shorter. and we gave him cpr and mouth to mouth and tried to save him, but to no avail. there were still a lot of people hanging around. some people had left, but there were a lot of people still there. we rounded them up and brought them to the sheriff's office and
12:04 pm
interviewed them. >> did the attackers in this case know tillman? >> i don't think they did. >> my understanding -- >> they went to douglas county high school. and tillman went to chapel hill high school. >> my understanding is that the parents authorized this party, but in the aftermath of the events that night i'm just ku curious, not expecting anything, are the parents expected to face any charges? >> no. we don't expect to charge them with anything. they acted responsibly. and when things got ott of hand, they told the people to leave. and nobody could have expected what happened. >> any drugs or alcohol found at the home? >> none at all. >> how you do you explain -- how many people -- my understanding is the number at the party grew to somewhere between 60 and 80
12:05 pm
and there were a number of people who witnessed this attack. is that correct? and how do you explain that so many people can witness an attack like this and no one do anything to intervene? >> well, it makes you wonder. i was not there. i don't know how many people were wistanding around when it happened and i don't know how long it took to accomplish killing tillman. but it makes you wonder why somebody would not step in and assist this young man, but it didn't happen -- i wasn't there so i'm trying not to be too judgmental, but we have the same questions you and the people of this community have. >> okay, sheriff miller. we appreciate it. thanks for your time. >> very welcome. we have some breaking news to tell you about. this story from the department of homeland security. we're learning about new security measures put in place following a thwarted terrorist plot last week.
12:06 pm
jean me deserne meserve is on t with us. what are you learning? >> reporter: the measures being taken because of the toner cartridge bombs found. a number of new screening rules that are going to take effect today the department of homeland security says,specifically the ban on air cargo from yemen continues and now extended to somalia swell. we're told no high-risk cargo will be allowed on passenger aircraft at all. toner and ink cartridges over 16 ounces will be prohibited on passenger aircraft in both carry-on bags and both checked bags on domestic and international flights inbound to the united states. the ban will also apply to certain international air cargo shipments, too. in addition, all cargo identified as high risk will go through additional and enhanced screening. and also international mail packages will be screened
12:07 pm
individuallycertified to have come from an established postal shipper. to identify and screen items they found risk and current intelligence. they are also working of course to deploy more sophisticated screening technology. interestingly, some of these measures were taken last week by the british, last week the briltish announced that they would not be allowing any cargo into the country from sew mall you ar area, also announced restrictions on toner cartridge. i did an int view with the secretary of homeland security and can asked questions about those thikz. at that point she was not willing to say they were extending the cargo ban to sew mall area. when it came to toner cartridges, she told me if it's not toner cartridges it's something else.
12:08 pm
if it's not something else, it will be something beyond that. we are trying to think not just reactively but proactively about what we in the united states wish to do. obviously there's been a little bit of rethinking since she spoke to me. notable also, tony, they're not saying here they're going to screen inspect every piece of international cargo, something experts say is a virtual impablt if you don't want to clog the system entirely. back to you. >> appreciate it, thank you. qantas discovers oil leaks in three of its aircraft. that means the fleet well be grounded until at least thursday of the last week a qantas plane was forced to return to singapore after a covering on the engine tore off. 500 passengers stranded are expected to leave los angeles today. police are investigating reports that a laser was pointed at a plane bound for the seattle tacoma airport.
12:09 pm
the plane landed with no problems but this is the latest of a series of incidents involving planes landing at the seattle/tacoma airport. pilots report having someone shine a laser into the cockpits. we will check stocks straight ahead. and the president in asia lookingor for jobs for american work workers. and what is this root? right there. that. women who are bored in the bedroom say it's like viagra. wow. first, a random moment in 90 seconds.
12:10 pm
12:11 pm
what do we have here? hand to hand combat in racing? the random moment of the day asks, what's going on here? check this crash at texas motor speedway. ed ready? ready? ouch! jeff burton knocks jeff gordon into the wall right there. gordon didn't think the crash was an accident. have some! >> we've got a fight breaking out. >> jeff gordon not happy with what happened there. >> yeah, a stunning blowup by the rainbow warrior. jeff gordon known as nascar's choir boy. and how about this? at churchill downs in louisville a pair of jockeys let their hands do the talking after horses bumped. have some! >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> we're looking for teachable moments here.
12:12 pm
you've got to control your rage and anger. come on, people! a teachable moment, a deep cleansing breath, please.
12:13 pm
how about this stow? a family recess skew cued after spending six days lost at sea. rescuers spotted them in the pacific 2300 miles south of hawaii, right? a coast guard boat picked them up over the weekend. the man, woman and -- man thshgs is scary to think about, chad -- and two boys were treated for mild hypothermia and malnutrition. they had sailed from a pacific island in a 13-foot boat. you've got more on this, chad? >> well, i've seen a lot of headlines saying they found them 2,000 miles from hawaii. yeah, but they found them 6,000 miles from l.a. they didn't leave from hawaii, they didn't leave from l.a. they left from this tiny --
12:14 pm
that's about as close to paradise as you get. the motor failed and they couldn't get back. they were only going six miles and six days later they were found 230 miles away from where they were trying to get to. i'll tell you what, this is experience. the mom and dad did not allow them obviously to drink the salt water. you cannot drink the ocean water. that would be the worst possible thing. they had two pieces of fresh fruit and no water. okay, they were dehydrated and all that, but they were found. a new zealand air force went by and flew over this thing, flew over these guys. they were in a 600-square-mile search area. that's a large area. that's big-time to be flying over it. they found it, they found the little boat. they couldn't do it because they were in an air force plane, but they relayed and radioed and said, hey, these guys are 230 miles from where they were supposed to be. u.s. coast guard got them.
12:15 pm
>> what a great story. >> got them and got them on the ship and now they're good, all safe. >> and if you look at those -- where are the stills? take a look, they look in pretty good shape. look at them. >> and this boat doesn't have like a cutty, doesn't have a cover. they're out there six days in the sunshine, too. >> oh, man. >> this was supposed to be a little 3-hour tour, so to speak. >> hello. >> you know what happened to the other three-hour tour. >> look at the little guys. je chad, appreciate it. >> safe and sound. stocks pulling back a bit today, but the good news, consider where we are now compared to where we were really not that long ago. alison kos ek is watching it all from the new york stock exchange. alison, is this good news, it has to be, for our 401(k)s an other investments? >> you better believe good news. tony, think about it, when we watch the s&p 500, that is what
12:16 pm
really closely -- it's closely what our 401(k)s, our retirement funds requirer. when we see this s&p 500 index doing really well, chances are are your 401(k) is doing well. we began the day at two-year highs so our investments are really back to where they were in 2008. sure, that wasn't the heyday, but it's not such a bad place to be. think about where we've come from. the collapse of lehman brothers which basically took down the entire economy, too, we remember when citigroup was trading below $1 a share. it fell from the ground $50 to $60 a share t. was the worst recession in 70 years, auto mereks going bankrupt. so we've got quite a bit of ways away from that now. i mean, now apple, boeing, caterpillar, dupont and ford, those companies, their shares are up 30% to 60% this year. now, we're seeing this rally because there's this new level of confidence that's coming into the markets. >> really? >> showing that things are improving, at least as wall street sees it. we had a bunch of major events
12:17 pm
kind of come to a culmination last week. we had midterm elections where the republicans won a victory in the house, something that wall street ryke likes to see. we're seeing improving corporate profits and of course the announcement of the fed that they'll be pumping in hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy, hopefully getting banks to loan and hopefully getting people to take out loans, too. >> well, would that indicate, then, that better days are just ahead for us? >> there's a lot of optimism here on the floor at the new york stock exchange. >> really? >> got to be honest with you. yeah, there is. long-term analysts and traders are very bullish. they in fact say they see these gains continuing through the end of the year, some even saying they see them continuing through the spring. analysts say, though, go ahead and take it day to day. we'll see flat days or modest pullbacks like we're seeing today, the dow jones industrial average down 47, the nasdaq and s&p also lower. but overall the market really doesn't expect any big, horrible
12:18 pm
surprises so this momentum you is expected to continue. you know, the s&p 500 is up 80% since march of 2009 where we saw that low. of course, ewe've got a lot of ground to make up. of the s&p 500, known as something our 401(k)s mirror, it's still down 22% from the record high we hit right before the recession, but we're on our way. if we keep the momentum, we could have good days ahead. >> very interesting. patti labelle sings a song about a new attitude. i'm very curious about this new attitude on wall street. we'll talk about it some e-mails later. >> there a new attitude. got to tell you some claim it's women's answer to viagra. an herb that women claim is fueling their passions. hey, now, cnn's elizabeth cohen travels to peru to get some answers. le it's some kind of dr. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's either this magic number i'm supposed to reach, or... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's beach homes or it's starting a vineyard.
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so let's get you caught up on top stows right now. a death sentence in connecticut for the man convicted of killing jennifer hawke-petit and her two daughters in a home invasion. the new haven jury deliberated over three days before deciding steven hayes' fate. the defense is expected to present an insanity defense today in the elizabeth smart kidnapping trial. brian david mitchell is accused of kidnapping smart 8 years ago and from being trapped in a chilean mine to completing the new york marathon in about 5 hours 40 minutes, what a great
12:21 pm
moment for edison pena. pena said running the race was a way to overcome the fear he felt being trapped. got to tell you lots of women who are looking for a bit more pizzazz in the bedroom are looking to an herb in south america for answers. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen went all the a to peru to find out in maca is really wiomen's answer to viagra. >> reporter: when a woman in the united states is having problems with sex, she goes to a doctor or to a therapist. but here in peru, she goes shopping. what do we have here that could help eye woman suffering from sex problems? >> we have maca, and this is really the sexual power herb of the and diz. >> reporter: chris travels the world, calling him a medicine hunter. 1 of the herbs he's found, maca,
12:22 pm
used by women in peru and other parts of the world to get their sex lives going, so if i took a scoop of this maca powder, let's say threw it in a smoothie every morning, what would it do to me sexually? >> sexually, it might cause chinese new year's fireworks in your pants. >> it works like a charm. >> reporter: diana grew up in peru and has been taking maca for a year. >> it increases your sexual drive i would say from 30% before to a good 95%. >> reporter: how high up are we? >> well, i figure right now we're probably at about 10,500, 11,000 feet. >> reporter: maca needs altitude to grow so he is taking me 14,000 feet you up into the and des mountains to see the maca fields. >> this a maca root. >> reporter: who would with think something so ugly could lead to such pleasure? i mean, really, it's not so
12:23 pm
beautiful. killham sells maca and other supplements. some studies have found it as an aphrodisiac, but there's no major human studies, no strong scientific evidence that it works in women. maca products earn $5 million in u.s. sales last year. supplements like maca don't require approval by the food and drug add minute straigs. now, chriss, i've got to say some people would say, look, this is hooey. nobody has ever done big studies on maca and women. how do we really know that it works? >> people who take it get a sexual effect. nonpif peruvian women with say, wow, this makes a huge difference thaxt's what matters to me. >> wow, elizabeth joining us now. boy, they sent you to peru to do the story. i need the medical unit's budget, please! okay, so, this is an herb, right? >> right. >> this is what we're talking about here it's not a drug. >> no. >> are we close to the day when we really have something that is
12:24 pm
the equivalent of viagra for women? >> you know, there was so much hope when viagra came out that they could do something for a women or invent a parallel drug, but i'll tell you it is not working out very well. there was one drug for which there were high hopes and the fda said, no, forget it. that is never going to see the light of day. there's another drug that the fda may be considering. but it's not looking good for a drug to help sexually frustrated women. >> i'm trying not to be 12 in this segment. i'm trying really hard. >> i would say you're 14. keep going. >> i'm having a hard time getting past -- what's the bite from the guy? you asked him -- what is it? >> the chinese firecrackers in your pants. yes, that the is way he described how one might react to maca. >> does this stuff work for guys? >> apparently there's some thought that it works for men as well. >> maca for men? >> yes. but there's also drugs for men. in america, people tend to take drugs. that's just the way it is. >> good to see you, elizabeth.
12:25 pm
it has been, what, 65 years, but one town will never forget the selfless act of a u.s. pilot. >> major weston was 27 years old when he made the ultimate sacrifice saving his crew and an unknown number of civilians on the ground. >> wait until you hear how this young pilot saved a town.
12:26 pm
12:27 pm
we are certainly all aware of the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make. this week we're highlighting a few of them. photojournalist bob crowley goes back to melrose, massachusetts, where the actions of one brave young pilot saved the town. >> reporter: we thank you for joining us this morning to honor a man and his family, major doak weston. >> i remember that morning so vividly. >> reporter: today is the 65th anniversary of the flight of major doak weston, pilot. >> i was in fifth grade. >> reporter: the b-25j took off from grenier field at approximately 10:30 a.m. >> we heard the sound of the plane. >> this unearthly sound coming over the school. >> the pilot started to feather
12:28 pm
the left engine. >> i don't know whether it was sputtering or what, but it's kind of that's not the way a plane is supposed to sound. >> but as he did so the engine burst into flames. >> we saw just as we got to the window this bomber coming over the school. it had an engine on fire. >> major weston ordered his crew to bail out. >> the engine and the wing fell off. >> soon after the crew jumped, it plunged to the earth below. >> we saw a big column of smoke and then we heard this big explosion. we were just stunned by it. >> it was a hole in the ground. airplane parts all over the place. there was an engine in this place, part of the wing over there, something else over there. ed looked like a junkyard. >> major doak weston was 27 years old when he made the ultimate sacrifice, saving his crew and an unknown number of civilians on the ground by directing his aircraft to the fairway below, leaving behind his pregnant wife and two sons.
12:29 pm
>> and it is right just that we honor him today. i learned about it maybe a year ago. i couldn't imagine that this individual doesn't have some remembrance for what he has done. >> no question was my father, lots of people came together and made this happen. so i'm just very impressed. it's made me very happy. >> i was only 3 years old in 1945 and remember almost nothing of my father. but what i did understand was that my father sacrificed his life for the lives of others. >> he stuck his neck out to protect other people. >> the way we define heroes now is to me a very loose definite nation. major weston is a true hero.
12:30 pm
>> there are lots of people who follow that instinct to do the right thing for their fellowman. that's what he stood for for me. >> wow. catch more of these stories all week here in the "cc cnn newsroom". tune in saturday at 3:00 p.m. for an hourlong special. you can also visit we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, right? but scientists at the university of texas wanted to know what men who are looking for a long-term mate find beautiful. so fill in the blanks here. men looking for a long-term relationship care twice as much about her blank than her blank. your choices -- her face or her body. the answer in three minutes.
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also, unbelievable pictures of the volcano that continues to erupt in indonesia. [ woman ] you know, as a mom,
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ah, the science of attraction. now, before the break we asked you to fill in the blanks. men looking for a long-term relationship care twice as much about a woman's blank than her blank. what a good talker if you're at the airport right now. maybe you're at the office, out for lunch with friends, colleagues. your choices? face or body. according to a new study at the university of texas at austin, men who want a long-term relationship care twice as much about her face than her body. it seems the face is a better indication of emotion and character. there you have it. got to tell you health care triggered -- you know this -- one of the most contentious debates in washington that we've seen in a long team. but the industry also has been the brightest spot in this economy. month after month, it consistently added jobs during
12:35 pm
the labor meltdown. christine romans author of "smart is the new rich" has the story. >> she okay? >> reporter: tenike burns enjoys her job. drawing blood for a boston-area blood bank. but over the past couple of years she's watched her hours shrink, seven or eight-hour blood drives now last five. >> i've always been told that as long as you have a job in health care you pretty much are set. >> is this thinking -- >> reporter: so she, a mother of five, goes to class at night and works during the day trying to become a nurse. >> i don't consider myself to be a risk take eshgs but i guess on some level this is. >> reporter: a risk that will likely pay off. the population is aging, and an estimated 50 million americans enter the health care system is when reform kicks in in 2014. >> they're going to need hospitals and doctors and nurses to take care of them. demand for health care services equals demand for good jobs.
12:36 pm
>> where are the jobs in health care? it's not just nursing. it's up and down the spectrum. >> it's a big field. any health care profession is a big field. you have all levels of people within there. and the jobs quite frankly are going to be found in all those levels. >> reporter: there's already a shortage of health care i.t. professionals, medical codes and medical assistances. the government estimates hundreds of thousands of home health aides and personal aides will be needed soon. those jobs soon come with on-the-job training but low pay. median wages for registered nurses, however, was $66,000. tenike is hopeful. she's confident she'll make the right choice. i tell my children, get an education. i felt like if i haven't gone to college, how can i expect them to do it? how can i them to do something i haven't done myself? okay. >> of course going to school isn't an option for everyone,
12:37 pm
nor are the student loans. the labor department expects an explosion of 900,000 new jobs for those home health care and personal care aides by 2018, no medical experience is necessary, no education experience necessary. at least not a traditional college setting. but be warned those jobs often start at a low salary. they don't leave much room for advancement. if you are training for a job in health care, make sure it's what's called a ladder position, like climbing up the ladder. has some upward mobility like nursing. millions of low-paying jobs in health care are being created but there are those that offer opportunities and promotions and meaningful pay increases. andrew ruben who we quoted said be careful about nursing in the big cities where they're closing the hospitals. if you're seeing hospitals close, that could be a problem. but in other parts of the country where health care is booming, you're seeing good opportunities for nurse yous. he also says translate your i.t.
12:38 pm
skills to the health care field, accounting, risk management. just about anything you think of can be translated to health care. it is a huge part of the economy. >> i love you've highlighting these sectors. health care. last week, engineering. you really are identifying sectors where there are some jobs, right? >> trying to figure out what you can take control of and what you can do because so much is out of your control. you can't control the most dynamic labor market in the world that apparently is ailing still, right? so there are places where you can try to take control. this is one of those in health care. preef profiled a few people ho have made really smart choices in health care and they're doing great. >> and get that wellness piece going, too. christine, appreciate it. we've got to get some books sold here. good stuff. look, you've got to forget about me, more, now. the financial game really has changed. you've got to pick this up. christine romans' new book "smart is the new rich." pick it p up now.
12:39 pm
ash everywhere. the rain making even more of a mess. the latest on the erupting volcano in indonesia, mt mt. merapi. and the thousands of people who fled. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply, unlock the doors, and turn on the hazards. or get a car that does it for you. ♪ one month, five years after you do retire? ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you.
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we're going to talk to chad in a second about mt. merapi. let me get a couple you of the facts that we are aware of at least right now. the death toll in indonesia continues to climb in the wake of the eruptions at mt. merapi. boy, look at the pictures. i guess they're new pictures we're just getting in here at cnn. chad myers is going to help me -- >> that's ash you're seeing. very much different from let's say what we think about in hawaii. >> right. >> the volume tacano that just and it's real pretty and you want to look at it. this is an explosive volcano where buff puffs come out every once in a while. still wait forin waiting for th eruption. the problem now is not so much the little villages where all these people have died so far but there is a town or city i guess you might want to call it,
12:43 pm
almost 350,000 people, 20 miles away. you remember what happened to mount st. helens if you were within 20 miles of it, you were vapor eased basically. they were moving these people ott of the way of the town, literally mile by mile by mile, getting them away from right there, mt. merapi. there's a lot of peaks. you see a lot of peaks here. this is indonesia. this is still part of that ring of fire. there are volcanoes everywhere. this is it the one that just happens to be firing right now. and it will continue to go for a while. air space was closed, 44 flights canceled over the weekend to places around indonesia, jakarta and all that. the president is on his way. not to the volcano but po indonesia proper. he'll only be 250 miles from the volcano. >> i was wondering that. >> safe but you might see something. >> chad, appreciate it. thank you, sir. a new song from the late michael jackson. have you heard it?
12:44 pm
it seems a lot of his fans aren't exactly singing and shouting with joy about it. what's up with that? brooke anderson, wow, there she is, she's got the scoop from los angeles right after a break here in the "cnn newsroom." good to see i, brooke. >> you, too. this site has a should i try priceline instead? >> no it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal.
12:45 pm
here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal.
12:46 pm
boy, a lot to tell you about today on the entertainment front. brooke anderson, co-host of "showbiz tonight" on hln, is in los angeles for us. brooke, good to see you. what are you leading with this hour? >> well, we're talking about some concerns about an upcoming michael jackson alalbum. a brand new song has been released this morning on the internet on mj's web site. first, it's my job to let you hear it before i go any further. this is called "breaking news." ♪ okay, the big debate that's been raging is whether the vocals are
12:47 pm
really michael's. the song is being released by his record company sony, which will release the complete album called "michael" on december 10th. the album is apparently going to have about ten never-before-heard m.j. songs but here's the kicker. michael's mom katherine, his sisters, even his kids have reportedly said they think a bunch of the tracks are fake, are phonies. but sony says it's got independent experts who have authenticated the voice. so fans can listen and decide for them sfs. i am sure that uber m.j. fans will be closely inspecting every single word and sound. and tony we're also talking about pam anderson this morning because she has just arrived in israel to promote her appearance on israel's version of "dancing with the stars," but she's saying that she's also there trying to meet with ultra orthodox lawmakers. pam's a champion of animal rights and also an honorary director for peta. she wants lawmakers to ban the
12:48 pm
use of fur in israel, an anti-fur bill has been put on hold in the country over concerns by ultra orthodox leaders that it could production of the fur hats worn by men on holidays. we'll see if pam anderson accomplishes her mission there. also, we're talking about actress jill clayburgh. she died of leukemia friday. we spoke with jake gyllenhaal who acted with her. he said he was surprised by the news. >> i had no idea she had been sick for 20 years and we worked for two days on the movie and over those two days, like, i actually grew to love her. >> she will be missed, tony. very talented actress. >> you've got that right. she really was. man. big news coming to late night, brooke. tell us all about it. >> that's right. it's time to laugh again, tony,
12:49 pm
because conan o'brien is back in late night with his big new show "conan." it's on tbs, our sister network. conan has lined up the lady who p opened the nut cracker museum in washington state, glee's actors. you may think, what, the woman from the nut cracker museum? that's random. as we know, cannon and his sidekick andy rikter can definitely make random very, very funny. i've got oned word for you with that one. "props." >> i can't wait. it's tonight at what, 11:00 on our sister network, tbs, following the george lopez show. brooke, good to see you. thank you. we're back in a moment here in the "cnn newsroom." priority mail flat rate boxes
12:50 pm
and envelopes from the postal service?
12:51 pm
the tea party may flex its muscle again in 2012. it is a warning several pig-name republican natters that it may challenge their reelections. among them, orrin hatch and olympia snowe. wolf blitzer, okay, leader of the best political team on television joining us live from the political desk in washington, wolf, good to see you. is this a challenge to republican senators from republicans? >> yes. there's no doubt about that. and the tea party activists were with very instrumental in getting some mainstream republicans defeated in republican primaries this year. mike castle, for example, in delaware. you remember christine o'donnell. out in utah, they got the longtime senator in utah, they
12:52 pm
got him removed. they got the tea party activist who was elected, unlike in delaware. so orrin hatch in utah right now is feeling the pressure. i'm sure olympia snowe in maine, though maine is a very different state than utah is. there are a lot of incumbent republicans looking over their shoulders looking ahead to 2012 wondering if there's going to be a problem going forward with a republican challenge in some primaries. by the way, sarah palin, she's speaking out today on ben bernan bernanke, the federal reserve chairman making it clear she's not very happy with with the fed's decision to go ahead and print $600 billion and try to help jump-start the economy, if you will, create some jobs. at one time in her prepared remarks she says, what happens fountain fed becomes not just the buyer of last resort but the buyer of only resort when it comes to u.s. treasury bills? she's speaktion out on a substantive issue like that. another couple of notes, msnbc says they're going to let keith
12:53 pm
olbermann come back tomorrow night. he'll resume anchoring his show after a suspension for giving a total of $7200 to democratic candidates in the waning days of the election. msnbc saying, we look forward to having him back on the air tuesday night. finally, a nice shout-out to robert gibbs, the white house press secretary. he came to the defense of the white house press pool. there's a photo op in india, the president was meeting with the indian prime minister singh and the indian press people at the end said only five members of the white house press pool instead of the usual eight could go in and gibbs said, no way. all ailt are going in. there was an exchange. one point he had to put his foot through the door and the indians were threatening to break his foot if he didn't remove his foot. he was worried about that. but in the end the indians gave in and let all eight members of the white house press pool go in. at one point gibbs was going to say, i'm going to tell the president to leave the meeting
12:54 pm
if you don't let the white house media in in full. good for robert gibbs. >> oh, yeah. >> i used to be a member of that white house press pool for a long time when i was a white house correspondent. it's always important to get in there, let the american public and indeed the world get pictures and sound of what's going on. >> yeah. if a xrum is necessary from time to time, good. >> a nice shout-out to robert gibbs. i've got an inside tip here. this is something apparently so new you won't even find it on the cnn political ticker. you ready? >> i'm ready. >> you, wolf blitzer, atlanta, wednesday, and wait for it, the b.e.t. soul train music awards? are you kidding me? >> that's correct. because when you think of soul train, tony, you think of wolf blitzer. is that right? >> all day. >> look, i grew up in buffalo, new york. i watched "soul ytrain" my whol
12:55 pm
life. i love it. peace, love and soul, remember that, tony. >> absolutely. >> i'm going to be at the soul train awards wednesday night. i'm making a special presentation, a surprise. i'm not going to tell you what the presentation is all about. needless to say, the situation room will be at the b.e.t. soul train awards wednesday night. it airs by the way november 28th on b.e.t. and centrics. millions of people will be watching. it will be a lot of fun and it will all be good. >> dude being i'm not going to miss that on television when the program airs. i am not going to miss it when you're here. i'm going to find a way to get a ticket to that show at the cobb energy center on wednesday. i will be there in person to see this with my own two with eyes. >> i will see you wednesday because i'll be anchoring "the situation room" earlier in the day from atlanta from our studios where you are. s so we'll have a few laughs and then head over to the cobb energy center and rock 'n' roll a little bit with with all our
12:56 pm
friends. >> all right. we can electric slide together. wolf, thank you. can't wait. >> tony, i forgot to ask you, have you learned how to do the dougy yet? >> i haven't, but i'll have it by wednesday. we can do it together. >> if you haven't learned by wednesday night, we have to learn how to do the dougy. >> there's a little inside there. maybe we can run the clip later in the show. wolf, see you wednesday. that's terrific stuff. wolf blitzer, bringing the entertainment factor to the "cnn newsroom." your next political update in one you hour. for the latest political news go to cnn can you do the dougy?
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
let's take you to connecticut now, dr. william petit speaking. let me pipe down and let's listen to dr. petit. >> took its time, listened to the evidence, and made an appropriate and just decision. we would also like to thank mr. dearington and the senior district attorney mr. nicholson, mr. bob sage, our advocate down
12:59 pm
here, and jessica nasarie who was in charge of all that a/v information up there. thank them for their conscious ngs, at thtenacious pursuit of justice for hayley, jennifer and michaela. i think it's for everybody in america because crimes like this have to be pursued and prosecuted vigorously. the easy way out is to plead things out, and i was for the death penalty but all along -- and i'll say it as i've said it before -- it was not my decision. it was mr. dearington's decision. i agreed with it. but he came to my house in 2007 and said, if there's any case that deserves the death penalty, it is this. and 's


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